Assessment 3: Reflective Report

Identify and describe three critical incidents from your design project. Constant change of design focus I had been tossing up two ideas, both of which I was excited for but just couldn’t decide which I approach would suit the project best, they were so similar from my point of view that I was struggling to […]

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Assessment 2: Summary Process Blog

Concept Statement The primary focus of this major project is to investigate the use of composition in graphic design as a tool for packaging design, within context of today’s board game industry, through the development and creation of packaging and collateral for ‘The Agency’ board game. This investigation based on Vukovic’s ‘Principles of Effective Packaging […]

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WEEK 11& 12: Prototype and Select

After making the decision last week to further develop the illustration based design, and spending the last week sketching and drawing vectors my card designs were finally starting to take some shape. While I wasn’t completely sold on the colours I knew the vectors were clean and refined and felt comfortable moving forward with them. […]

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WEEK 9 & 10

During my iteration it became clear that I needed to set some design boundaries, I did this as said in a previous blog by limiting myself to one font and one color scheme, this would enable me to test out how type, color, shape and graphic elements affect the design of a piece of packaging. […]

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I found myself thinking back to the film ‘Design and Thinking’ that I watched earlier on in the session, namely as I think about the events over the last 2 weeks, the points that the documentary made about failing really stuck with me. It basically said to fail quickly, cheaply and often (fail, learn and […]

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With my theoretical and content research conducted it was time to start the fun stuff, visual research and mood boards. YAY. Time to hit Pinterest, Behance, game and hobby stores all the fun stuff, now this is my type of research, retinas get ready for visual overload. When it came to creating a competitive set […]

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