An introduction to me

Hey I am thewhiteafrican, I guess I called myself this because I was born in South Africa and the first question someone always asks me is “Why are you white?”(yes mean girl refrence) For those who don’t know, 9% of the South African population is Anglo-saxan (white). Another popular question is “Did you live in a hut?” No, it might sound cooler but we lived in a normal 4 bedroom house with a yard like any other first class country but there are still traditional villages but are very scarce. So why do I like the media, I did Society and Culture in High school and learned how we interact with the media and the key role it plays in our daily life and decision making, thus my interest. Well enough about me stay tuned and I will give you some amazing information about the media and how crucial our inter-relationship with this vastly expanding communication tool will affect the future.


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