Muppet Master Murdoch the Media Mogul

Do we truly know who owns our media and the power they wield; I definitely didn’t until I found this.


Did you know that 11 of the 12 capital city daily papers are owned by either Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation or by John Fairfax Holdings. Not convinced maybe this will help, THE BIG 5 – OF THE MEDIA.

media owned

The frontrunner in the rise to power, News Corp an empire, whose newspapers and TV networks represent a third of the British media, owned by Rupert Murdoch a man whose kingdom have controlled political destinies for two generations. The inter-relationship between politics and the media has always been significant since Nazi propaganda posters, and it seems corruption and censorship seems to follow. In Italy, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi owns half of the nation’s television and much of the press, the media are used as tools to further Berlusconi’s political objectives. It seems that Murdoch and his allies threaten to move our nation in that same direction.

nazi prop

A keystone in the Murdoch legend is the News of the World scandal which forced a complete shutdown of Britain’s largest-circulation paper and high-level arrests at the Sun due to allegations of eavesdropping and cell phone hacking, questioning ethics in the media and raising the issue to the public. This spawned several derogatory caricatures, which can be seen below.

Rupert murdoch

Thus the development of the Australian Communication and Media Authority, their role to regulate all digital media and create a more moral practise. The company holds business tycoons like Murdoch accountable for their actions, a video of the brutal confrontation below.

comments on

For years the media have been regulating what we view and in Murdoch’s case the opinion we have on issues (due to biased and one-sided news reports) however in the 21st Century the invention of platforms such Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have given the public a voice, a space to voice our opinions. Giving power back to the people like a modern Robin Hood fairytale, possibly ending the reign of dictatorship for these business tycoons.


2 thoughts on “Muppet Master Murdoch the Media Mogul

  1. I was so shocked to discover that most of the newspapers and media in Australia were owned by two people as well! Excellent transition of discussion about “people in power” and then giving “power back to the people” Thorough use of videos and pictures, Great Job! 10/10


  2. Interesting read, but could benefit from using more academic sources and links to support your writings. I really agree with your ending sentiment in which social media gives people the power to break free from a one way traffic of media consumption. This is especially important to nations where the people are under oppression. If I remember correctly, there were a lot of stories on the people of Egypt flocking to social media to express their concerns about Gaddafi back during the Egyptian Revolution.


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