I CCTV you /Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Here’s my Reflection of it All

As Banksy says we are “one nation under CCTV”, statistics show that there is 1 CCTV for every 14 people in the world , making the statement ‘Big brother is watching’ all the more true.

ONe nation under cctv

Theorist have often debated the idea of a ‘Big Brother society ‘saying that “the more people believe in the need for surveillance, the more compliant they become” (Lyon, 2007, p.373) and “the more ‘tricks’ are used to convince us we need surveillance, the more gullible we become “(Marx, 1985, p.21). The theory put into practise by Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon, a prison designed for efficiency based on the theory of altering our behaviour because we are being watched.


The panopticon a foundation of the concept of ‘Big Brother Society’ one which influential thinker Michel Foucault pondered in his essay about the prison.


The panopticon, a metaphor for the way in which the state maintains control over people, our hidden watchers, embodying the idea of a Repressive State Apparatus (police, army and state), enforcing the values of the ‘ruling or ‘dominant’ class which are imposed via the rules and moral orders of a society (hegemony). In the 21st Century the global web of CCTV’s are our watchers and the world their prison. Till now I never even pondered on the idea of being watched, my view of the power of the media and its owners has changed no longer an uninformed wanderer but now fully aware. Having never blogged before it took me two weeks to get into the rhythm of things (importing images, video and the structure of this BCM diary). Semiotics changed my view of images as I can now see how my ideological position can influence how I read advertisements while the effects model stopped me blaming the media as I was conditioned to do and looked at social factors before blaming my brother’s video games if he ever demonstrated serial killer tendencies. This has been an amazing journey of enlightenment and until BCM112, it is over and out.


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