The Final product

So I went back to the drawing board after being given advice that my concept for the architectural logo was to busy and like my last semester teacher said to me a thousand times, LESS IS MORE. I went back to the drawing board focusing on what qualities I wanted this company to have in order to emphasise and narrow down my idea. Once I worked out all the kinks and had a clear image I hit the drawing board again and by drawing board I mean illustrator. I focused on the clean cut, minamal , sharp and straight to the point elements and just overlayed the letters E V O L V E.

You can see in the final image attached that it worked and it worked in positive and negative space which made it even more interesting. It was hours of deciding what letters to keep bold and which to cut out of the background. Then came the colour schemes, the brown and orange used as an alternative to the typical green and blue that is used in environmental science logo’s.

At the end I think it worked really well and I am proud of the finished product, but no time to wait I recieved the next assignment as soon as I handed in this one. At least this one is done. Fhew!

Final layout copy


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