Editing and more editing: EVOLVE

I have really taken into consideration what was discussed around the round table and implemented some of these ideas into my designs. I was really struggling with how to incorporate my mark with my logo as it was already strong. The feedback was really valuable as I got feedback on what worked and what didn’t here are some of the comments:

– Experiment with diffrent angling and placement of the logo mark
– Prototypes need to connect more with the design and mark this could be done by implementing the ‘tear drop’ shape into the prototypes in a sort of background figure
– They loved the ‘sketchy’ look and bold look on another and wanted me to experiment by making all sketchy and then experiment with the bold look
– Change the use of house icon to something subtle

Things they loved:

– Use of colour and shape
– Consistant and strong design
– Clever use of symbolism

So I took these into mind and made the necessary edits, while it is not perfect yet here are the designs currently.

I really think I will implement this around the table idea in other classes if there is a lack of this and in my workplace, it gives you a new perspective on the designs, new ideas to explore and it is amazing to see how people come up with so many diffrent ideas. I really think this will help me in the future to think outside the box and think in diffrent ways, offering a new twist or presepctive on designs.



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