Editing and editing : Geo Smart

This week I spent most of my time editing the Geo Smart logo, once again like last weeks post I used the feedback from the round table to break my designs down in positives and negatives as well as taking not of any ideas that needed more exploring.

With this one I was more nervous than any other I hadn’t been able to link my mark and logo type and was really struggling with implementing this into the logo. However after input from my peers I felt more at ease as I gained valuable information. Once again here are some that I found:

– Need to explore positioning of the icon and sizes
– Edit the shape behind icons as it is distracting and go for more oval shape
– Add white outline in some bits to break icons and background up
– Cut down on icons go for 2 instead of 3 and increase their sizes

However there was things that I did do right like my use of colour and and font. However I do feel that there wasn’t alot of refining of my logo from project one, only editing to fit the mark, this worries me as I dont know what they didnt like about the logos themselves so I am unaware of what needs editing. I will continue to check in with my teacher on what I need to change but for now here is my logos so far. Enjoy

Geo Smart copy


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