My reflection of it all on your wall

The this subject has been a real eye opener, before now I didn’t know about the power of the media and the role journalist play in the way I view issues and the world around me. Their power of influence can be used for good or evil, propaganda or peace journalism. Peace journalism was something I didn’t know existed until I started researching for my presentation; I learned that peace journalism is always possible.

Peace journalism is something that might not be the main cause to stoping conflict but it can inform the public in a way that instils hope instead of fear and remorse instead of anger. It also taught me that there is more to a war than winning or losing, by focusing more on the similarities in loss, destruction and death of both sides it can change our perception of the “other” , to quote one of my favourite songs “War, what is it good for , absolutely nothing”.

The term globalisation in the IMAC sense is also new to me as before I had only been exposed to the term through Business studies in the HSC that focused on the financial aspects such as the exchange between nations and the breakdown of borders through trade. The IMAC definition allowed me to put my world into context, examining the positives and negatives of the “shrinking of the planet “occurred through the development of technology which is diminishing the affects of geographical location.

While other memorable lectures such as the ‘television : lost in translation’ by Sue Turnbull inspired my essay research as I wanted take a step back and examine the characteristics of a countries film , what makes an Aussie film, well Aussie. Once I came up with a list created from my research I started measuring the so called ‘Australian film, or portraying Australia’ against my template allowing me to quantitatively analyse the extent of hybridity and Americanization in the Australian film industry.

This has been an amazing experience one that will allow me to focus more on the big world out there , as I look to the international news to assist me in learning more about the rest of the world the next step in my journey to becoming a global citizen.


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