Project 3: The Sea urchin method

I really like this idea of the sea urchin being a key element in my design, it is diffrent to all the logos that are out there as it doesnt portray the typical fish or dolphin in the logo. Through my research I found they are on the ‘endangered species’ list so I really wanted to focus on this idea of humans interaction between the environment.

My graphic design mentor said to me, “Its not all about making a good design, its about creating design that does good” and that has really stuck with me in this project. I dont just want to create an identity for the company I want to create a visual symbol for its legacy. So that in a few years I can look back and say I was apart of that, I gave the cause a face, or logo in this case.

I played around with the logo itself this week, finding that the circle I had placed behind wasn’t organic so I ‘roughed out’ the edges, making it less perfect and more natural. I think it really helped, one thing that I am battling with is the colour. Due to my love of blue and the association with this colour to the ocean and competitors, I find myself comfortably gravitating towards the colour. However as I challange myself, more I find myself thinking outside the box, exploring, oranges, browns and my favourite purple , these all sampled from the images of real sea urchins.

Thus further embracing the idea of the natural. Take a look for your self her are some of the first rough drafts.

JBMP copy


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