I have had a hard time picking which merchandise to use for this last project as I havent done this before its all new teritory to me. I am trying everything to see what works with the company and my set of skills and design.

I am trying to implement various aspects of the logo into the designs so they remain connected , to join the company and its collateral together the key to doing this successfully. This can be done by implementing the same colour scheme, aspects of style for example the sea urchin design. In my practises, I wanted to emphasise this in order to show the purpose and essence of the company in all aspects of its operations from the business card to the logo and even the collateral they are selling.

However this is proving very challanging and I have changed the type of merchandising several times, from banner, app, website, towel, surfboard, stamp and so forth. Stay tuned for the the results post that will show how I went from this (document below) to the final product. All part of documenting my thinking process visually, this is great as it helps with my skills of communicating what I have been doing, a key aspect when dealing with clients.

Merchaniding copy


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