Bcm Blogging 2.0

Here I go again, my second year at university, no longer the guppy in the fishbowl but the slightly bigger fish. Mastering the basics of wordpress and blogging I think this year will be a bit easier, no longer a passive citizen, but a curious individual paying attention to my world. The major difference going in this year is the fact that I read and watch more news, who would have thought that there are more interesting things than the Game of Thrones or whatever else normal adolescence watch. Its one of those embarrassing secrets but I actually like the research and reading that goes into assignments, *gasp* I know its horrifying a student that actually likes studying, I think there is a word for my condition its ‘nerd/bookworm’ or master of awesomeness, whichever you prefer.

Not much is different since my last introduction post I am pretty much boring old me but I got a haircut.


Like I was saying before I had a selfie moment, I am back blogging about the interesting things about the media, so stay tuned and log in because its going to get all ‘convergence’ up in here. PS that’s the focus of this blog category. So if you want to learn more about what happened to those old media technologies (VCR, vynal , cassettes) and what the future holds for new technology, then this is the blog for you. There will be info, pics and a few cheeky YouTube videos here and there. So lets get started.


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