Juggling the Black Box

How many devices do you juggle in an average week? Here is a list of some examples:

– tablet or Ipad
– Smartphone (Iphone or Android)
– Xbox or Play Station
– Ipod or mp3
– Radio, Tv and DVD
– Laptop, Desktop, Mac
– PSP, Game-boy, Portable Nintendo

Count up those devices and take the poll below.

In this time of technological chaos we seek to understand the new world we find ourselves in, a place where the old and new media interact in complex ways. One concept that has helped shed a light on this is Henry Jenkins’ idea of ‘convergence’, which he defines as the “flow of content across multiple media platforms, cooperation between multiple media industries and the migratory behavior of media audiences” (Jenkins, 2006, pg.3).He argues that the concept should not just be understood as a process of technological change which brings together “multiple media functions within the same devices.” (Jenkins, 2006, pg.10) but instead also functioning on a cultural, social and an industrial level.

The IPhone is a prime example of this, on a technological level it introduced the notion of multi-function technologies , the “electronic equivalent of a Swiss army knife” (Jenkins, 2006, p. 4), a reflection on the fast pace of the modern world and societies need to balance work-life more effectively.

Media convergence copy-page-001

Humanity solved lugging around many devices, through the scientific process now known as ‘recombination’ (Kim, Geum & Park, 2010, pg.2); defined simply as the attempt to create an innovative service by combining existing services to the new service (for example the IPhone). However a few year on and we face a different problem, we lack the means to apply the IPhone experience across many different devices, a means for “media content to be accessed across different media systems” (Jenkins, 2006, p. 17).

Industries are looking to software such as FeedHenry (cloud-based platform solution for cross-platform application) that is pioneering the way for multi-platform access; owing its success to recent discoveries in ‘reconfiguration’ (Kim, Geum & Park, 2010, pg.2) studies, which outline innovations made in reconfiguring the existing contents to the new platform or new process.

A spokesperson for FeedHenry stated “As the smartphone market grows, end users will demand apps that can work across Android, Symbian, Nokia and all the other platforms out there” (Business wire, 2010, p.2), calling others in the industry to embrace such technology to allow customers access to their product on multiple platforms.

Behance is one of the early adopters of such technology just recently releasing both an IPhone and IPad app as well as an Android app (smartphone and tablet), further extending the reach of the popular web-based digital art community.

Don’t know what Behance is check out the link below.

Behance Mult- platform range


Behance: Andriod App


Behance IPhone and IPad App



Jenkins, H. (2006). “Worship at the altar of convergence”: A new paradigm for understanding media change. In H. Jenkins, Convergence culture: Where old and new media collide (pp 1-24). New York: New York University Press.

Anonymous, 2010, ‘FeedHenry Announces Development For Cross Platform Apps’, Business Wire, 17 February 2010 issue, pp 1 – 4

Kim, Geum & Park, Y 2010, ‘Typology of Convergence for digital contents services: The case of App Store’, Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM), 2010 7th International Conference, pp.1-6

*Note links to Images used is in the hyperlink above image.


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