Interface Design ? What is that

Creative Spark implements a simplistic site layout which does not adhere to all aspects of Lynch and Horton’s basic page structure as the site is not as content driven as other corporate sites. The page header follows most features such as providing the audience with a site identity through its logotype and characteristic illustration, and global navigation through the widely used and easily understood form of tabs. The lack the shopping cart capability is justified as there is a separate ‘shop’ page specifically designed to suit consumers purchasing needs in which the cart function is available; while a search function is employed in the ‘blog’ page which is the most content driven page of the site and requires topic based search capabilities to work through almost 300 blogs. Separating these components does alter the standardised header layout but does not compromise the user’s usability, logical interpretation or accessibility to these resources; however this puts pressure on the sites need to employ effective navigation and content management in their site layout to prevent confusion.


The site’s employment of the KISS principle allows for successful hierarchy due to the use of active rather than passive white space, the user’s attention in then shifted towards the major focus which is the contents area. The ‘content area’ and its layout varies depending on which page the user is on, but generally contains a combination of drop-down menus, grids, interactive menus (some of which scroll sideways like a ‘splash screen’).

The lack of ‘jump-to-top’ function does not affect the flexibility of the site, however the ‘blogs’ page is very dense and could benefit from the addition of this feature. The ‘footer’ remains the same on each page; it contains more contact details, a link to the
sitemap, sites activation date, terms and conditions and links to the social networking aspects.

The site is also effective in regards to its website display across several medias such as phones, ipads/ tablets and the genral PC display system.



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