Signing off on project one

When considering design it is crucial to understand the way users read web pages in order to work out a visual hierarchy anddetermine where the content should be place. These are three of the most common reading patterns; it is evident that creativespark effectively considered how their users would read their website as their home page it fits across all three reading patterns with ease. Just how well does creative spark consider their users we put the home page through three of the most common reading patters that online users implement to see just how well the site considered the user, in our opinion really well.



– Effective use of drop-downs, splash screens and chunking to reduce large walls of text
– All the page elements (header, footer etc.) are in easy places to understand
– Mix of tree/web formats is effective for use
– Inclusion of a sitemap is a bonus
-The successful colour palette helps to create contrast and visual hierarchy yet still retains
-Treatment to the text is successful, the font’s combination a low x-height, larger than normal width and leading and kerning choices make the text comfortable to read.
-Continuity of the treatment of text across all pages.


– No global site search function (not that I think it needs it, but whatever)
– ‘Our work’ page is disorganised until user intervention
– Some links are broken
-For groups of text more than a couple of sentences long, the font should not be yellow on a black background as it strains the eyes.
-Continuity over each of the pages creates difficulties in differentiating one page from another.
-Drop down boxes affect readability
-Need to integrate search capabilities into wider site as readers look for this

So we are about to move onto a new assesment so its time that I wrap up this project, so to sum up I am going to give you the strenghts and weaknesses of the websie, and let you judge for yourself. Check it out ‘creative spark’, go now.

We give this site



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