Behance:The PRO in Pro Site

Most fear that the media is either “out of control, others that it is too controlled” (Jenkins, 2004, p.38), this is discussed in recent discourse through the idea of ‘free and locked content’; in 2011 Behance launched its Pro-site, which allows users to build completely customized portfolio websites, using their own domain name while not requiring any coding knowledge though it’s available for advanced users. Behance was inspired by ‘firebug’, a system that developers use to mouse-over the code of a webpage and visually see the corresponding elements; with this in mind Pro site was born, the site aiming to “to allow full-control over all of a website’s elements with the simple use of sliders and an intuitive interface” (Belesky quoted in interview with Van Heerden, 2011).

Benefits of Pro-site: Customization and Synchronization with other profiles

Screenshot (9)


However there is a catch, it costs $11 a month or free for Adobe Creative Cloud members (due to the partnership between the two companies) this new creative freedom is a change from the free default layouts offered by the base site; nevertheless this distinction from the base Behance Network and the Pro site is not just a play for more revenue. It separates the corporate or ‘professionals’ from the amateurs as the Pro site does require more skills when it comes to design and caters to ’coders’; while keeping the base site operational allows for those ‘caching up’ (explained below) access to the tools.


There has been a shift in the construction of access in the 21st century, as we move towards a ‘subscription –based model or micro-payment’ ; creating barriers of entry to the ‘marketplace’, something which concerned Behance users, as they wondered if they would have to pay for a Creative –Cloud subscriptions, Adobe responded stating that it “respects the sanctity of the Behance community, and will preserve the philosophy and values that drive it ; the service has remained intact while also being incorporated into Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering for better accessibility and value for users.”(Bennet, 2012).


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