Is something fishy?

Okay so I am doing something new, something I have never done before, an info graphic. My new assignment is to create an info graphic about recycling, for those who don’t know what this is, its basically a graphic illustration of statistics. Here are some examples I found.



Also why the title, well my group and I are currently working on a way to represent the data as fish bones on a dead fish instead of the cliche bin, flower, and graph display of information. So far we have a few sketches and a draft of colour schemes and slogans. So take a sneak peak and stay tuned for further developments.



Currently we are just working on the numbers, to find a way to represent the data to a scale that will allow our vision come to life, our design concerns is showing the data in a way that is either more cartoon or info-graphic, and which one will better suit our needs. Calculating the data is taking a while and we are getting numbers that are creating a fish that looks deformed, our challenge for the upcoming week is to sort out the data representation and then work on the stylistic design of the info graph.


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