Okay so we have worked hard the last couple of weeks and created something awesome, the calculations finally came through and it wasn’t easy. We spend ages emailing back and fort and doing drafts based on our own calculations and came up with a set of calculations that work. However to represent the national average for the waste and recycling makes the fish really unbalanced as it is such a large increase. Basically the national is the size of each of the states bars added together, this issue will have to be resolved in the coming weeks but for now we are celebrating the first of many drafts for this info graphic.

Here is the sneak peak of our two versions, as discussed before we are stuggling to decide between a more life like version with curved bones and a grap version with ‘bar graph’ bones, here are both versions.


Well there is nothing else we can do at the moment, we have a break coming up so until next time stay tuned and hopefully we a have a resolved design next time.


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