Calling all Beta Testers: Produsage on Behance

Moving on from the notion at the audience being active and socially connected participants expressed by Jenkins in an earlier blog, we move to the idea of produsage ; the term coined by Axel Bruns explains the new hybrid form of simultaneous production and usage by the people former known as the ‘audience’. The main characteristics of this shift can be outlined as:

Detailed in Blog here

Detailed in Blog here

Detailed in Blog here

Detailed in Blog here

This constant interaction between users is a key aspect of Behance’s success, its facilities allowing users to share their templates enabling beta testers to give feedback and to allow for further development of the product, a sort of instant focus group. A tool creator Scott Belesky took advantage of when he shared the beta version of the android app version 2 months before its release date to be tested by users, a technique Behance hopes to employ for all future projects. While there is an array of software developers and app creators on this site that take advantage of this, one that stood out for me is Moe Saad’s Flybi IOS Application which is a mock up example the artist created for a client but through the success has seen ‘Flybi’ be accepted and currently in being in development.

Figure 1 -3: Flybi Development




Data Visualization

Behance’s Pro Site now enables what they define as ‘Creative Portfolio Analytics’ , the analytics dashboard (Fig 4) show the audience participation with a users profiles not only on Behance but on LinkedIn, and more than 20 other creative networks powered by Behance.

Fig 4: Analytics Dashboard


The ‘Domestic Data Streamers’ creative lab has taken this service to a whole new level , their work visually representing the voting process at the latest Behance portfolio review in Spain earlier this year. The work using peristaltic pumps to transfer the liquids that corresponded to the viewers selection through to the final jar which captured the liquid. The work an innovative way to view and consider the generally intangible thing that is data.


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