Here fishy fishy

Okay so taking that break was worth it , we came back with a clear mind and approached the project with a new set of eyes and ideas. We decided to show population sizes with width and not height (which we will indicate in the key of course) and thus we can easily integrate the national into the fish through placing it in the tail. However we noticed that the other bones still remained to be different in height in order to create the fish spine and this might confuse the viewer if they don’t read the key.

We have stuck with the curved fish bones but want to ask our teacher about this decisions as well as get feedback about whether the difference in height and width idea might confuse viewers and hopefully their advice will propel us into the final stages and help resolve these lingering issue.

Enough said here is the result that you have all been anticipating, here is the portrait version (not we have decided on the slogan ‘there is nothing fishy about recycling)


And the landscape version


Next week will be the final version we submit so it should be an interesting post. Fingers crossed all goes well.


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