Hook, line and sinker

There has been a complete 180 since the last post, not only have we gone back to our ‘bar’ fish bone idea but we have radically changed the colour scheme. Our teacher loved the slogan and suggested we find a colour scheme that matched the ‘ocean and fish metaphor’, so we decided to go with rich blues and a vibrant purple. Furthermore, we decided to shift our design from the landscape to a portrait design and are incorporating the national as another bone instead of having it displayed in the tail, with the help of our teacher we came up with a scaling method that allowed us to integrate the national in a way that doesn’t confuse or distort the audience.

This version addressed all the concerns that we had and as a result we created something that was effective in its purpose but also visually powerful in its design, which means we addressed and fulfilled the criteria of the assessment, and I think we will do really well. Well enough talking about the design let me show you the master piece, here it is, from the deep blue ocean, our info graph. Ta da


I think that the biggest lesson I learned during this process is that you should always keep working to resolve issues, and be open to approaching a task in a way that you haven’t done before, others in your group might have an idea or solution that is different to yours but will effectively help resolve the issue. By comparing our design constantly to the brief in order to asses if we had addressed all criteria we also maintained a focused design, in the end saving us hours of time, which allowed us to spend more time on the important things which helped push our design into a higher mark.

So happy to say that we got a HD, proud of our hard work and really can’t wait to do more info graphics. I loved it.


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