Define stage

So we are starting our last major project for this subject and my group and I have had a chance to look through the design brief and analyse it so we could mold it to become our main aim which we can turn back to in order to keep our design focused on the main task. This is what the design brief said:

“Analyze the selected website (including information architecture) and based on your analysis, create an improved design solution. This should be represented in the form of a re-brand and interface solution, including revised information architecture and navigation system. The submission must accommodate those viewers using a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels”

My group broke down the main elements into the following:


To produce a new corporate
identity and website that reflects the culture of Uncle Pete’s, a iconic toy store which has provided
generations of Australian families with toys. As well as create an identity that resonates with both parents and children as Uncle Petes prepares to update their brand and website for the current market. Furthermore to differentiate Uncle Pete from other toy companies, department toy stores and any competitors in general.


Uncle Pete’s is thinking of
implementing a new brand identity to all aspects of their operations , from store displays to printing , and specifically a website. The project has to update the current identity and suit the current design
environment and the design should be able to be sustained for years to come. The redesign will be specific to Australia and will be
implemented in store, print, merchandising and web, implemented through a redesign campaign.By spending time to outline these aspects of the task we were able to better understand Uncle Pete’s values and these propositions informed our thinking at each stage of the design process and ensured a targeted delivery of our idea.

I will be sharing more about the design itself in regards to audience, colours, and the use of the web page which we will cover in our next meeting.


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