Firstly we created a ‘competitive set’ which consisted of a database of competitors logos, and we found there were common features, the use of text based logo, text and icon (animal or toy) and the use of bright and multiple colours in logos were standard for competitors in this industry.

We chose the two most popular companies, ToysRus and Toyworld and did an analysis of their websites (explored in section 2) focusing on the elements of information architecture that were effective as well their stylistic elements. A web-based search for imagery and icons to represent the concepts of ‘heritage’ and ‘fun’ was carried out to help generate ideas for the visual stimulus for the branding identity.

Furthermore we had a primary source of information, which was the feedback from the interim presentation, which gave us a starting point to launch from and assisted us in tackle the major design decisions through helpful feedback from teachers and classmates.

We did research about the target audience and the industry in which we were going to be working in and even physically visited the store in Wollongong to get a sense of the atmosphere and culture of the company.

With all this information gathered we sat down and created our own brief based on the requirements of the assessment and the research we had conducted, forming our personalized brief (previous posts) and outcomes, which was a source we constantly returned to at each step of the design process.


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