Initially we focused more on recreating the logo as we were aware of the iconic brand and felt we had to create something that didn’t stray too far from its design, however this limited our creative capacity and after consultation with our teacher we found that we could reflect this iconic logo without completely copying its design, if it be through the use of similar colours or incorporating similar fonts.

We then approached the branding with a whole new realm of possibilities and explored the use of a character or animal as well as incorporating the original red and yellow into a colour pallet with other primary colours.

We explored the use of a bear but found it didn’t match the culture of the brand, then moved on to a dinosaur, which we thought expressed the heritage and long history the company had within Australia perfectly.

However the first dinosaur lacked the fun and excitement that we wanted to express, so in the final version we added a party hat and gave the mascot more detail, adding scales to its back, this in turn made the dinosaur look ‘ready to party’ and as well as expressing a more realistic rather than a cartoon look, as we wanted kids to believe this creature could be real.

Here is the progress of our design logos, from start to final.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.41.54 AM


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