Female Misogyny, the troll and women in the media

How are women presented in the media? The hosts’ of ‘The Hamster Wheel’ show addressed this topic with their usual wit and banter which highlighted the levels of misogyuny still present today, putting into perspective how far we have come from the ‘burn the bra’ eras.

Apparently not very far as recent female intellectuals have expressed a rise in the occurrence of violent and sexual ‘trolling’ on the internet and especially on social media; the notion of having to be sexually appealing to be taken seriously as a thinker did not start with the internet and was present long before “Mary Wollstonecraft was called a hyena in petticoats” (Thorpe, 2011). Compliance trolling and the phenomena of anonymous digital misogyny is becoming an issue, to tackle this women banned together starting the twitter topic #mencallmethings which called for action as “awareness without action is worthless”, (Evans 2011) asking women to share their story and ‘name and shame’ their attackers.

According to Anita Kapoor however, we are currently living in a time she defines as ‘womanity’ where women generally have access to “education , power and freedom”, and express feminism in female misogyny , women against women. Kapoor goes on to state that in certain areas such as the beauty industry women show the inability to take accountabity and often play the victim when it comes to addressing beauty standards as, “we value power, perfection, obsession, competition but complain about the high beauty standards, but who is buying these products, not husbands for their wives, and who is writing these magazines, women”. On ‘The Young Turks’ Youtube channel the idea of women being sexist trolls is explored through the social media fight between Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones and superstar Rihanna, who prove that ladies can really hold their own in the realm of sexist trolling.

TrollConfessions572x429-425x319 FIG 1

Jun, a former troll says that there are two reasons why a troll trolls , they either want attention or are bored and need something to stroke their ego, the reason why trolls are so affective Jun states is because of an old and outdated philosophy where humans “don’t want to stay silent, because we think silence means surrendering, and surrendering means losing” (2014). Instead he says users should apply to the 30 percent rule as you will always have 30 percent that will love you, 30 percent that will hate you and 30 percent that won’t care, so “file those trolls under the proper 30 percent and move on” (Jun , 2014). That all being said, I still encourage those efforts that ‘stick it to the man’.


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