Three different approaches

Looking at these three designs we could tell that we all had very different approaches to the design and needed some assistance to effectively mesh these ideas together, the interim presentation was so crucial as the feedback gave us insights into what aspects to move forward on.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.45.20 AM

Jess (balloon design) explored a less conventional layout of designs, something that was unusual for this industry; and while classmates loved the look from a design perspective there were concerns about the practicality and usability of the design interface. The design didn’t adhere to the conventions of the competitors and thus it would take users more time to learn the site layout, which was a negative aspect, secondly the design lacked the integration of cataloguing or online shopping, which we sought to integrate.

Vanessa’s (top) design was more conventional and was excellent in the use of colours in the toolbar (tabs) to ‘code’ sections, which could help users distinguish areas something that we would incorporate further.

Concerns were that the use of rounded rectangles was too conventional and ‘childish’ for our sophisticated adult audience. While mine (bottom) lacked visually the finesse of the others my design was focused more on the organization of the information architecture and was seen as something we would use as the blueprint for our content layout.

While initially there were complications regarding ‘blending’ our ideas we soon sat down and mediated effectively to ensure we incorporate good aspects from each design instead of wanting our own individual designs to shine, we had to compromise and think of what is better for the group. This is a crucial lesson that I have learned as in the future I will have to learn to manage personalities in order to harness the best out of each individual in order to produce to best quality works.


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