Colour Pallet

Moving on we decided to make a prototype web pages (all 15 pages) of each of the two dinosaur ideas and explore their colour pallets within our website layout. The first version implemented a more summer and female colour pallet using bright yellows and rose pinks; this was a problem as our target audience consisted of male and female children and the colour pallet was not catering for both genders.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.00.35 AM

Also this colour pallet incorporated only one of the two colours used in the original (yellow and red) logo, so with the second design we refocused our colour to incorporate both colours as well as some of the colours featured in the original site’s banner.

The second colour pallet incorporate the bright yellow and red from the original logo but also incorporated the blue and green colours that was seen in the banner and appealed more generally to children instead of being gender specific.

The second version also reincorporated the slogan used in the original site ‘Uncle Pete’s toys are magic’ but we shortened it to be ‘toys are magic’ to avoid repetition in the design.


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