With our final design in place we had the opportunity to try out a few things before making our final selection, so we played with the colour of the scan columns, played around with the arrangement of the content within the home page and just explored some minor stylistic possibilities. During this process many small changes occurred and the design was starting to take its final shape.

We did notice some minor tweaking that needed to be done, as the boxes would shift from time to time and needed realignment, the changes can be seen from the second to the third image on the right.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.44.48 am

This process was more painstaking than the other as we would save the document to a pdf and each zoom in and note down to the errors and fix those on the final document. All in all this stage was the most crucial, during this process we aimed to avoid any unnecessary design error and hoped that the time we had taken to fix these errors would contribute to the professionalism that we sought to communicate with our final design.

This process is crucial as it teaches us about the importance of practise printing and proof checking our work as little mistakes that we make now are not acceptable in the work force and getting into the frame of mind that we are constantly checking and assessing the little details will lead myself attaining a level of professionalism that will see me succeed in this line of work


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