It was the final hurdle we were at the home stretch and needed to cross the finish line, all that stood in our way was the enourmous task of printing the entirety of our redesign as well as all other aspects such as the style guide.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.55.32 am

We set out to print our redesign, allocating who would print what and did a final check of the assessment criteria to ensure we had covered all the required elements. From here all seemed to be going smoothly and according to plan and we were on track to finishing our assessment and kept in contact to ensure that there weren’t any problems. We had booked our design into the printers and they were being processed and we took the moment to check our design against the requirements of the brief.

During this process we remembered the advice of our teacher who constantly reminded us to asses if our redesign was‘improving and adding to the original’, in order to prove this we made a list of all the improvements that we had made

Main Improvements:

Integrated an online cataloguing system to introduce online
shopping , which will launch company to more online operation (which will allow company to compete with its competitors)

Introduced an online payment system to suit modern users

Updated the logo the logo to a more modern version , and created a character which could be implemented by company in further promotional efforts


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