Things to take away

This process has lead me not only to develop my people skills and helped me learn how to work better with other but it has also refined certain skills (such as having a type sizing guide and using grid structure) that will benifit me in my carreer. Here is a breakdown of what I have learned:

The Do and Don’ts in a Group


Work together as a team, considering each individuals ideas but making a decision as a group

Allocate specific duties so the work is evenly spread out and that each person feels important

Have regular contact with your group

Update your group on your efforts

Ask the teacher for input on ideas

Address any conflicting views in a calm and respectable manner


Be controlling of the design, it’s a group project

Fail to show up for meetings

Fail to share of the work and payment of supplies

Be afraid to ask for help from group members, and don’t be afraid to share your ideas

Leave all the work to the last minute, certain components will depend on another and your aspect could be holding other up from finishing theirs

Be afraid to voice your design opinions and solutions, a pair of fresh eyes is always appreciated

Also here are the lessons I learned in regards to graphic design processes.


When designing a web page think of the use of text and features similar to that of a magazine layout.

Have a grid structure to help organize information, use a font size guide similar to those in print (eg headings 14, body 12, features 18 ect) and avoid using large and bulky text as it will take away from the white space that is needed for an effective design.


Remember that the website will need web colours so avoid using print versions and transfer your pantone swatches to a web save RGB format. When printing the ‘mock up’ version it is okay to use print colours but if this was actually to be implemented you will need web versions of your colours, so practise them out to see if they are close enough.


Remember that the computer screen size is different to the printing size so convert your document to a web (1000 X 748) size from the start, otherwise you will have to redesign your entire website at the end to fit into this size or worse stretch and adjust the content to fit.

Stretching the content from a A4 to a web based size will lead to a blurry and unprofessional look and will result in a web design that is not as visually flawless as it should be.

For now though I am signing off until next time Au revoir!!!!!


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