Media space, in your face

So here we go again another semester another BCM blog #novicebloggerbynow; this topic sounds supper interesting I mean its TV, place and audience, I am all for that. It would be really interesting to find out where TV fits into the new media environment with online streaming being a popular thing to do these days.

Well what is there to tell about me since my last introduction post, uhm well I have been doing some freelance graphic design work, been more active on twitter, other than that just researching some conspiracy theories about politics in general (Yes I am one of those ha). When it comes to my media space it’s either in my room or the study and I usually participate on these devices by myself, social networking on one’s phone is a single player game.

I am a simple creature and use one device at a time (sometimes play music on Ipod while working on pc) unless I am watching TV and it’s not that interesting, then I might flip out the phone and social network. I can easily say that my family is predominantly Apple supporters (even my brother who remains an advocate for android but owns an ipad, ipod and is looking into an iphone). While my dad is a classic oldie and ACTUALLY watches TV, my mother is more technologically advanced often seen using her Ipad while watching a chick flick with dad or doing research while laying in bed.


Its interesting how we associate family time with just being in the same room, not really interacting with one another (my family is similar to these people below) showing how you truly can be alone together, however when its one on one, me and my mother constantly comment and discuss what we are watching but in a group setting its all SILENCE.


One interesting thing that I hope to explore in weeks to come is my brothers notion of media and socializing, which differs from mine and the generations before. It differs in regard to my definition of ‘friends’ as he defines people he has never physically met as his friends when he plays COD and often says to his girlfriend and actual real physical friends ‘I am just going to stay in and hang out with my friends’. Choosing virtual over reality, but in our modern society that’s normal, our definition of being social has changed and we often find ourselves sharing information with people out there that we will never meet, all in the comfort of our homes.

Enough rambling, lets wrap it up, so basically stay tuned, there will be some pretty interesting topics to come, as you would expect from BCM.


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