Its a new dawn its a new life… not really

Hi guys and welcome to my blog, for those of you that are new, welcome,  I am glad you could join me. For those of you that have been following me for a while now, you have been asking me why the blog name and look changed. To put it simply, being 3rd year now I really wanted this blog to be something that I can show future employers, so it needed a name that I wasn’t ashamed of and a ‘brand’ that would communicate professionalism. Thus the sudden change. Don’t worry I spend many hours figuring out how to transfer all my previous content, so its all here. So lets recap, michellewrites2 is the new name, this is the new logo that I created (below) and this is the associated twitter username you can find me on @michellewrites2.


Okay so for those who don’t know anything about me, here goes, I am studying a double degree one in Creative arts (major:graphic design) and Communication and media (majors: Digital communication & Marketing/advertising). I am super nerdy and love shows like Pokemon,  Dragon ball Z and The Walking Dead (oh and any Marvel, DC or action/superhero movies) to name a few.

I have been busy studying, doing freelance design projects, volunteer marketing campaigns for a NPO’s (no-for-profit organisation) and starting to get back into shape. I am doing some interesting subjects this semester, so the content will be really interesting so stay tuned.

Lastly I will be creating several multi-media content for these subjects such as youtube videos, podcasts, memes and some design campaigns, so stay tuned.


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