An experience with Origami

For our group assessment we wanted to explore Asian arts and crafts and after a long discussion we finally settled on the art of origami. This suited me fine as I planned to implement origami in some way in my individual project, that being said I had never done origami before and was both excited and anxious.

We started by prepping the materials and setting up, while we trimmed our rectangular papers into the standard square ones used in origami we watched a video that we thought was a short historical documentary about origami masters. The video, intended to be a brief introduction about Origami to get us inspired for the impending craft session that lay ahead. Instead we found a parody of origami master, we decided to make our own parody making a version where one of the members would sneeze and magically create a paper lotus, you will find this at the end of the video.

The sneezing Lotus: Parody vid

This is what the our final products look like, not to bad for our first time, however Kay one of the girls had previous experience thus naturally she found it easier and was instantly better at folding the paper flower. Check out the video below.

Lotus Flower

Making the lotus was really hard; I am not very inclined to making intricate paper art, in fact I found making paper planes in kindergarten hard, you would think that having small hands and tiny fingers would assist in the process.

However once I got home I practiced some more with the same paper and got similar results however, it became easier, even with all the time on the earth I still don’t think I would be able to create artwork that can be likened to the greats.

During the experience a few things popped up for me, areas that I wished to explore further. These included:

  • Kay’s reference to the standard A4 paper being different to traditional paper – I want to find out about traditional Japanese paper (how its made, its tie to Japanese culture and history)
  • The significance of the Lotus in Asian culture (its symbolism, history and cultural significance), also there was talk of paper crane (its symbolism, history and cultural significance)
  • The reference to the folding terms and Jargon, what do they mean

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