Major Project: An Explanation

Through the development of my project and research I have changed the direction of my project. Initially I was going to document the creation process of my data visualisation, and provide the data visualisation as a secondary document. However after discussion with my employers (who’s data I was visualising), it was discussed that for privacy I would only supply these documentation to them, to protect the sensitive information. Instead I am creating a Designers’ Guidelines to Visualising Information. The document will cover the following elements:

  • Brief History of data visualisation
  • Exploration of cybernetics and cognitive understanding of information.
  • Visualisation and the design process
  • Digital literacy and Communication 2.0
  • Visualization: Learning and Education
  • Future and obstacles.

The document should act as a guide, highlighting some considerations that need to be taken when developing a piece of visualization. Whilst also providing a strategy for designers, to better utalize neuroscience breakthroughs to more effectively communicate information to their readers. I hope that my report will not only be rich in textual information, but that my visual design will be pleasant to read, showcasing my new understanding of information architecture and design.

Below is a sneak peak at the document including the cover design and some section design. Included is the cover, contents page, section title page, and 2 types of non image articles (news and count down style). These pages have placeholder text that is useful to show the visual design, without having to have completed content. A useful tool that the software I use enables.

The report, feel free to have a look 🙂



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