Sydney: My past, present, future


Project Statement: 

The concept behind this work was to tell the story of me, my past, present, and possible future. It hones in on a monumental day, 24 hours, 1440 minutes that influenced everything that I was, am and will be. It has to do with the memory of my immigration to Australia from my motherland (South Africa), it focuses on the memories of that day, which were a combination of loss, adventure and an aura of possibility. By blending this day’s events all into a 30 second trailer, it creates a new narrative, as hours of memories are reduced to milliseconds. It deals with me leaving my family, friends and past behind, taking only with me a suitcase of memories to start my new life. My first experience of Australia was a ferry ride to see the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and during filming I traced my younger self’s path on this sunny April day in 2007. These 2 iconic landscapes hold a special place in my heart as it beaconed an end of one era and a start of a new one. Sydney will be forever tied to my future, as when I leave home I will start my life in the city that welcomed me home on that sunny April day.



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