My Dayscape

NOTE: Best experienced with headphones or on max volume




In my composition each sound serves a purpose, when combined together in a collage-like arrangement the sounds create a audio snapshot of my day. When these audio sounds are played with an audio narration of my poem (below) the meaning becomes much deeper as the narration of the poem enhances the idea behind the soundscape. My idea being to create a ‘dayscape’ a collection of sounds that I typically encounter on a typical Monday as I commute from my house in the suburbs to the city and back. The piece has a transportive spatial quality as the listener finds themselves in different locations through the composition be it within the office environment, inside a car or in the loud city. The piece contrasts the hustle and bustle of the morning and city life to the quite in the evening suburbs found by the isolated sound of crickets in the end. Using three layers of audio (ambient/background sounds, dialogue, diegetic sounds/actual sounds) enabled me create a holistic ‘dayscape’ that transports the listener similarly to the  visual poem ‘Nostalgia’ by KLOAQ. I also drew inspiration for this concept from Altern Bahnof’s ‘Video Walk’, thus I wanted to make a 60 second condensed audio walk of my day constructed through continuity editing that allowed the listener to make audio-visual associations.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 16.26.42


Each morning the clock beeps

Snooze, hold on to a bit more sleep

Shower, eat, pack, brush, always in a rush


On my way to work my ears hear a familiar melody

Grinding gears, distant chatter, all singing in perfect harmony

The city she sings to me

From the hum of my computer screen

To the typing taps and mouse clicks

The ping of the microwave

During the lunch craze


Another day ends in an all too familiar way

Another manic Monday

At the station I turn my key

The drive home awaits me

Beeping horns, indicator clicks

Singing along to the Dixie chicks


The clock ticks

I unlock the door

Home, its quite

Much more than the hours before

I lay down, close my eyes

Another day done, welcome to a day in my life


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