Meda101: Major Project

Project statement:

In my composition colour serves a purpose, I see things differently, an alternate reality, see I was born with a form of colour blindness known as Dichromatic colour deficiency or Dichromacy. Here two out the three types of colour receptors (blue, red, green) or cone cells in my eyes work perfectly normal, while one is defective and does not function accurately, due to my absence of one colour reducing me to viewing the world in two dimensions. This condition is more common in males, but is often inherited, in fact my uncle suffers from red-green colour blindness (Protanopia) where he has difficulty distinguishing between the two colours. Regarding my vision, I have an enhanced perception of blue hues, a normal reception of green and a no perception of red. Because blue is the richest colour for me, its only natural that I have always been drawn to the ocean and the sky as it soothes me. The piece is a highlight reel to some of the places I have visited and navigated over the last but the colour is adjusted to give the viewer a glimpse into how I see the world, the clip using continuity editing to create a collage-like highlight reel of my adventures. Sound offered an enhanced experience of this foreign visual world through the use of ambient sound, background sounds and diagetic sounds, while the narration guides the viewer through the piece, emphasising certain elements. The use of colour grading and sound transporting the viewer into my version of the world, a new world, which simultaneously operates reality and fiction.


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