Another week another breakdown. The more I start creating designs and collecting visual research the more my project seems to revert back to the exploration of a visual identity of the game through packaging rather than the other way around. That coupled with the more research I do into the considerations of packaging design and […]

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Over the next few weeks I will be focused on addressing and implementing the feedback from my project proposal and starting on my to do list, which was: Shift towards packaging of the game box not collateral Research into packaging design (templates, nets, dielines and how the design works with this) Competitive set of board […]

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The presentation was very helpful in refining my idea. Links to my REPORT.   Feedback from Grant was that: My approach was to broad and that I need to narrow it down Despite thinking that I had chosen the packaging option, Grant still noted two different approaches to the project from my concept statement (the […]

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This week I have really focused on the first stage of Ambrose and Harris’ 7 stage design process, and have been asking myself the 5 W’s of the define stage (who, what, when, where, why), which I explore below:   Who: 2-4 players aged 10 and above, focused on families and young adult of any […]

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I have been struggling to decide between my two concepts, thus I decided to use this next 2 weeks to do some planning and thinking on both, presenting them both to the class during the week 4 presentations and getting some feedback regarding which avenue to take. Over the next 2 weeks I will be […]

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I started like I do with every design project, by creating a Pinterest board where I will store all my inspiration and ideas, and starting a new section for sketches in my design scribbles book. Since the completion of my board game mechanics in this year’s Autumn session, I knew I wanted to explore designing […]

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The Agency: The Dossier

So its that time again, time to show the blogesphere what I have been up to, and this project has seriously been my favourite so far, it combined two of my favourite things, design and gaming. So if you want an insight into some of the thinking and development that went into my game’s design […]

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