A Critique: Digc302

Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of monitoring and critiquing Emily Ritchie’s Project ‘Social Media Consulting’. This project was created with the intention of becoming her digital artifact for a project in her digital communication major. The project centers on a redesign of the Champagnat Catholic College ‘s Trade Training Centre’s […]

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Major Project: An Explanation

Through the development of my project and research I have changed the direction of my project. Initially I was going to document the creation process of my data visualisation, and provide the data visualisation as a secondary document. However after discussion with my employers (who’s data I was visualising), it was discussed that for privacy […]

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The Animal-human Kingdom

Disney’s 2016 animation Zootopia (trailer above) is the latest example of the studio and industry’s stereotypical representation of animals. Disney’s films often rely on techniques such as stereotypes, quest narrative, and clear associations to humans (through anthropomorphism) to evoke interest and captivate audiences. Here, the text (Zootopia) acts as a foundation from which themes and […]

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Data Visualisation For Dummies

So in my last blog, I briefly explored the proliferation of data, and examined how humans interact and process all this information. Going on to explore how data visualization has emerged as people seek to find ways to interpret complex information and translate it into a format that is easily understood. This week I dove […]

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